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Our Major Brands

Boasting a 38-year heritage, OSIM is the number 1 brand by market share in the luxury relaxation products market in Asia in 2016. It offers a broad range of massage chairs and other relaxation products. OSIM features technologies that simulate the feeling of being massaged by a professional massage therapist.

TWG Tea, known as Tea WG in Hong Kong, was the number 1 luxury tea brand in Asia. The brand embodies luxury and old world glamour with luxury packaging of tea products and by creating for customers a unique retail environment.

ONI Global’s wide range of products comprises six categories – anti-ageing and beauty, vitamins and minerals, sports nutrition, herbs, weight management and food supplements. ONI Global has exclusive franchise rights to the highly regarded wellness brand - GNC, in its core markets including Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. LAC brand, which combines an eastern understanding of herbal remedies and a modern western approach, and Xndo, which provides formulated food-based health products, are also owned by ONI Global.

Futuristic is a Singapore-headquartered manufacturer of store fixtures with strong track record of working with some of the world’s leading, well-known brands in the mid- to high-end fashion, apparel, cosmetics and retail markets.

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A new TWG Tea store has opened at Terminal 4 in Singapore Changi Airport.

The world’s finest luxury tea brand introduces its chic...

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Mission And Vision

Our name, V3 Group, refers to our vision of becoming a leading luxury group in Asia across our three business categories – Lifestyle, Wellness and Specialist Fixtures, and our mission to build lifestyle, and wellness brands.

With a strong focus on innovation, which permeates our corporate culture and drives our entire value chain, from the design of our products, the concept of our stores, our approach to branding and marketing, we plan to realize our vision by offering our customers high-quality products and retail experience.